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Justwrite Office 4.4Justwrite Office - программа предоставляет возможность рукописного ввода в MS Office, можно создавать различные типы закладок, в MS Offise появляется новая вкладка для этой программы, много различных полезных функций, например можно набирать формулы, очень быстро их нарисовать, так же программа поддерживает работу с планшетами и с мышками. Интерфейс программы на английском, немецком, французском языках.

Justwrite Office is an expansion for Microsoft® Office® programs and appears in the Office menu bar following installation. JustWrite Office comprises five components, each available according to the specific program.

JustWrite components at a glance
JustWrite (Microsoft® Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint®)
Your personal handwriting in digital documents – ideally suited to making comments, annotations or corrections in Word® documents, Excel® worksheets or PowerPoint® slides. JustWrite Office saves these elements in a format compatible with Office, allowing anyone with Microsoft® Office® to view, revise or delete them as desired.
JustSign (Microsoft® Word® and Excel®)
This function allows your personal signature to appear in your digital documents: JustSign opens an input field for your personal signature and saves this as an image object in the document, together with the date and time. Never again will you need to scan in or use image editing software to achieve a digital signature.
JustTag (Microsoft® Word® and Excel®)
JustTag allows you to create digital Post-it® notes from your handwritten memos. Manual highlights can now be made even more noticeable – so any reader can see exactly what′s important. JustTag is also ideally suited to creating drawings and sketches directly in your digital documents.
JustShow (Microsoft® PowerPoint®)
This function allows sketches, highlights, arrows or even entire charts to be inserted live, ensuring impressive and unforgettable presentations. Your annotations are then saved as a PowerPoint® slide. Last but not least, the cursor can be used as a virtual laser pointer.
Screen MarkUp (all programs)
Thanks to Screen MarkUp, you can now insert handwritten annotations, highlights or graphics into any program, without exception, and then save these changes as an image file. As with JustWrite, JustTag and JustShow, handwritten annotations are more noticeable by far, easily understood and can be inserted effortlessly.

JustWrite Office′s wealth of applications can be used effortlessly in conjunction with Wacom′s pen tablets or Interactive Pen Displays.

OS: Windows 98/SE/Me/2000/XP
Лекарство внутри.

Автор: Wacom Europe GmbH
Размер файла: 29.23 Mb
Интерфейс: Многоязычный
Скачали: 1169

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