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SmartSVN Enterprise 6.5.4SmartSVN - многоплатформенный клиент Subversion/SVN.

SmartSVN is a graphical SVN client. It combines a mature user interface with the power of SVN (Subversion), providing professional version control for everyone - on Windows.

Главные особенности клиента:
- несколько режимов отображения файлов;
- отображение директорий, содержащих неизмененные файлы;
- фильтрация по состоянию файлов;
- фильтрация по имени файла;
- индивидуальная сортировка файловой таблицы;
- поиск файлов во время набора имени;
- копирование в буфер обмена пути, имени или URL выбранного файла/папки;
- сравнение файлов и обнаружение изменений;
- редактор файлов.

Why you should use SmartSVN
- SmartSVN makes common things easy (e.g. switching to another branch) and complex things possible. Competing SVN clients often are limited to a minor subset of the Subversion features.
- SmartSVN supports your mode of practice: either work with a highly optimized user interface or perform tasks directly from within the Windows Explorer.
- SmartSVN has everything out of the box - SVN client, file compare, conflict solver and SSH client. No need for external tools.
- With SmartSVN's features and stream-lined work-flows you will save time, so licensing costs will pay off quickly.
- SmartSVN runs on virtually all major operating systems. No need to learn different tools.
- SmartSVN's UI is optimized for SVN. The optimized user interface, is designed to give you the best overview over your project's state:

SmartSVN's UI is optimized for SVN
The optimized user interface, is designed to give you the best overview over your project's state:
- most important files (e.g. conflicting, modified, missing files) — even from subdirectories — are shown on top
- you can customize the displayed file information and sort them according to your needs
- even not available files, like deleted ones or those which are new in the repository, can be shown - there is no limitation to locally existing files like with the Windows Explorer
- you can see at one glance which directory contains uncommitted files or which files will be changed by performing an update command

ОS: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
Лекарство внутри.

Автор: Syntevo GmbH
Сайт программы: SmartSVN Enterprise
Размер файла: 27.03 Mb
Интерфейс: Английский
Скачали: 795

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