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FixCleaner 1.3.3696.643FixCleaner – удобная и эффективная программа, предназначенная для контроля за состоянием и обслуживанием ПК. Она сочетает в себе набор проверенных, специализированных утилит для всестороннего исправления ошибок, которые вызывают недостаток производительности, медленную загрузку и других проблем. Программа имеет дружественный интерфейс и проста в использовании.

FixCleaner gives you the tools you need for essential PC maintenance. The common errors that people see on a computer have varied causes. FixCleaner was designed to be a multi-form tool. It combines a set of tested, specialized utilities to comprehensively fix errors that cause a lack of performance, slow boot-up speeds and other frustrating problems. A user-friendly interface ties all of these utilities together so that you can get professional maintenance as easily as clicking a mouse.

FixCleaner feature:
- Clean your registry to find and fix the discrepancies that cause PC errors.
- Manage the startup sequences on your computer, preventing the overload that makes your bootup slow.
- Customize how you maintain your machine. You can hand-pick errors to remove, or let FixCleaner do it automatically.
- Eliminate program delays to increase PC startup speed
- Download and manage critical updates for Windows™ Java™, Adobe®, Internet Explorer™, and more.
- Back up your registry state automatically or create a backup whenever you want.
- Wipe away junk files, redundant links, invalid program shortcuts and outdated help files.
- Eliminate program Runtime Errors and program crashes.
- Get rid of Corrupted DLL file paths
- Put an End to IExplorer Errors and optimize your Internet Settings with ease.
- Eliminate File Path Errors and "File Cannot be Found" Errors.

Safely Repair PC Problems Quickly & Easily with FixCleaner:
No one should give in to system errors. A slow PC means lost productivity, lost features, slow browsing and wasted time. Often people think they need a new PC, but these problems can frequently be fixed—given the right tools.
- Windows Installer Problems
- Windows Upgrade Problems
- Scan Disk Problems
- Program Freezes
- Problems with Shutdown

FixCleaner can systematically remove the most frustrating errors:
- Internet Explorer Errors
- Program Run-time Errors
- DLL Errors
- javakigfa Errors
- Dr. Watson and System32 Utility Errors
- Гаджеты connection Errors
- Windows Registry Errors
- ActiveX Control Errors
- ActiveX Shield Errors
- Driver Compatibility and Update Errors
- "File cannot be found" Errors
- isass.exe, svchost.exe, & other .EXE Errors

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Размер файла: 2.97 Mb
Интерфейс: Английский
Скачали: 987

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