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Efofex FX Draw 3.202.0Efofex FX Draw - небольшая программа, являющаяся отличным математическим инструментом для рисования диаграмм и различных типов графиков. Вычисляет углы, длину дуги, радиусы, площади, параметры кривых и многое другое. Всё это можно представить в виде динамической демонстрации. Программа FX Draw будет очень полезна особенно для учителей математики и студентов Вузов.

Efofex FX Draw 3 is not just FX Draw 2 with a few extra bits - it is a greatly expanded product that will be useful in far more situations than FX Draw 2. FX Draw 3 can be used as a drawing tool for teachers. It can be used as a demonstration tool with a data projector. It can be used with interactive whiteboards to provide a mathematically aware drawing surface. It can be used directly with students to provide a dynamic learning environment where they can easily and interactively investigate most aspects of mathematics. FX Draw 3 is the most useful piece of software a mathematics teacher or student can have on their computer.

What's New in FX Draw 3?
Just about every tool in FX Draw 3 has been improved on the FX Draw 2 version. Familiar tools have new features. New tools greatly add to the flexibility of FX Draw.
- Easy Geometrical Drawing: FX Draw provides interactive geometry feedback that makes drawing easy.
- Dynamic Mathematics: FX Draw can remember geometric relationships you create and update them dynamically. Interactive geometric systems can be created quickly and visually with no training at all.
- Figure Information: Hovering your mouse over the current selection will display information about that figure. In this diagram FX Draw is displaying information regarding a triangle.
- Dynamic Annotations: Annotations can be attached to most figures. The annotations dynamically update as the figure is changed
- Easy Angle Marking: New one-click angles make marking angles a breeze. FX Draw can mark angles with actual measurements, arcs, points, text you enter - in nine different combinations.
- Unit Circle Tool: The new unit circle tool lets you create unit circle diagrams and demonstrations quickly and easily.
- Tree Diagram Tool: A few clicks and you can create customised tree diagrams of just about any complexity. Diagrams can be automatically annotated with probabilities.
- Rulers & Protractors: New ruler and protractor tools let you demonstrate measurement on paper and interactively on screen.
- Shading Regions: FX Draw 3 implements one-click shading of irregular regions.
- Bitmaps in Diagrams: Easily combine real life pictures with mathematical annotations.

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