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PIMOne 5.38 Build 2009.3.16.193PIMOne 5.38 Build 2009.3.16.193 скачать 

PIMOne 5.38 Build 2009.3.16.193PIMOne - персональный органайзер. Разработчики программы PIMOne не стали "грузить" пользователя непонятным интерфейсом, а просто полностью повторили его бумажный аналог, что оказалось крайне удобным и не требует от пользователя никаких усилий в плане обучения. Органайзер PIMOne имеет все необходимое для этого вида программ: часы, календарь с праздниками и событиями, еженедельник, расписание дня, заметки, лист намечено-сделано, пароли, адресную книгу, сервис напоминания по всем статьям, и пр. включая шифрование данных с использованием пароля. В зависимости от предпочтений имеет несколько на выбор привлекательных видов оболочек, которые дополнительно можно скачать с официального сайта.

PIMOne enables you to maintain a secure personal information, using a stylish interface and full support for plan, agent, tasks/todo list, contacts list, private passwords, memos, holidays. The information can be password protected and customized in design. PIMOne offers different skins to suit your taste. The program also comes with some built-in reminders, including plan events reminder, task reminder, birthday reminder, interval reminder and holidays reminder, they allow you to easily be reminded when important events comes.

PIMOne 5.38 Build 2009.3.16.193

PIMOne also comes with a built-in notes tool, that allows you create the desktop notes in different shapes and skins, and an Email Checker tool which can help to check if you have new emails arrived periodically. Additional features include search, built-in calendar, backup, import/export and more. Bringing great convenience to your work and life, PIMOne is indeed an indispensable assistant to you.

Multiple information - PIMOne can manage various of your personal information. As a full PIM software, it includes plan/appointment reminder, actions, contacts, passwords, memos, interval reminder and a holidays reminder.
Secret information - PIMOne stores any information based on account. Before using it, you must create an account for yourself. The account is protected by the password you specified. All your privacy will never be accessed by others.
Secure information - PIMOne provides the security for your data. It also provides the backup/restore and the export/import solutions within the software. And more, PIMOne provides the auto backup when exiting.

Creative agent - PIMOne provides a tool named Agent. It can help to do some specified actions at specified time. E.g. sending emails, send MSN Messenger messages, shut down or reboot the computer, etc. at a specified time.
Personalization - PIMOne provides various skins. You can select a skin as you like, more skins can be got from the website. When creating account, PIMOne provides many display picture for your account, you can select one as you like.
Easy to use - PIMOne is an easy-to-use personal information keeper. All operations are simple and human.
Stylish and real-notebook-like interface - PIMOne simulate the real stylish notebook.
Additional tool - PIMOne provides the Notes tool that it can create the stylish notes on your screen for keeping something important. PIMOne also provides an Email Checker tool and an Interval Reminder tool to help you.
Quickly and easily search - PIMOne can find what you want quickly and easily. You only need enter a phrase for searching, then PIMOne will list the results to you.
Ensure the latest version - PIMOne comes with a built-in smart update system, you can get the latest version any time and very easily.

OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista
Лекарство внутри.

Автор: PIMOne Software
Сайт программы: PIMOne
Размер файла: 6.19 Mb
Интерфейс: Английский
Скачали: 727

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